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Monday January 14th, 2019

The market is extremely subdued over the weekend and overnight in anticipation over the UK Brexit vote due later today. There is no economic news of any consequence today in either the US or Canada, however there is a 3-month Treasury bill auction at 11.30am, which will provide some confirmation of ...
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Friday January 11th, 2019

Jobless claims fell yesterday to 216,000 below consensus and USD dollar rallied strongly from recent weakness. However, thanks to the Feds new policy towards a rethink of last year’s relentless interest rate hikes the trend in the USD will now in general be towards weakness, which the market is ex...
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Thursday January 10th, 2019

The Fed Minutes yesterday at 2pm confirmed to the market that there has been a moderation in the Fed’s tightening policy. The USD dollar sold off sharply and while it may be over done in the short-term it’s important for business owners everywhere to realize that future rate increases th...
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Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

The market is very quiet this morning in anticipation of the FOMC meeting minutes to be published at 2PM today. The market is looking for confirmation of Fed Chairman Powell’s recent comments that the Fed will be adjusting its on-going policy of rolling off its multi-trillion dollar asset port...
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Monday, January 7th, 2019

The Dollar Index is down for the third day in a row following sentiment that the Fed will be easing its rate hike cycle for the coming year. Powell & Co. has been adamant that future rate hikes would be data dependant, however despite strong Nonfarm Payroll (312k vs 184k) numbers last week, the ...
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