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A cheaper, faster, and secure way to send money to over 200 countries.

If you are:

  • Buying, Selling or Maintaining an International Property?
  • Paying International Tuition Fees?
  • Need to make a foreign investment?
  • Working overseas, need to send money home?
  • Receiving salary/pension from overseas?

Whatever your needs are, we can assist with currency conversion and payment transfers around the clock.

Why Choose Payments International

Save money with no fees, no transactions costs and transparent competitive market rates

Instant money transfer in 38 different currencies to over 200 countries

No cost bank-to-bank online transfer

No limit on the maximum size of the transaction

We offer no fee for Barclays Bank accounts, facilitating secure transfer from or hold your money in these accounts

Online access 24/7, real time balances, automated emails when any transaction is made, sent or received.

Collection of overseas pension in one currency and transfer the money to where you need it, in the currency you prefer.

Award winning Mercury online platform is easy to use, mobile and secure.

Send money to anyone, anytime around the

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Canada FinTrac

Comply with UK Data Protection Act (DPA), as well as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Tired of constantly calling your current currency provider to send money? We give the control back to you!

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