Foreign Exchange Solutions

Payments International offers innovative, customizable and cost-effective foreign exchange solutions to businesses of all sizes that operate across North America and Europe.


Your dedicated Relationship Manager will guide you through the strategic placement of all solutions and any associated risks, to maximize your revenue potential and minimize unforeseen losses from market fluctuations.

Forward Contracts


Forward Contracts allow you to buy or sell currency at today’s exchange rate and settle in the future, freeing up cash for other purposes. This solution reduces potential market fluctuations while also permitting you to take advantage of favorable exchange rates without having to pay until the currency is needed. Forward Contracts may be suitable if you know you have an upcoming requirement.

Spot Trades


A Spot Trade is an immediate, simple exchange of one currency for another with settlement usually done within two working days of execution. Spot Trades eliminate any risk from volatile markets swings, while giving you up to two days to make payment.

Take Profit Orders


Take Profit Orders permit you to set a specific exchange rate that is better than the current spot market. Once the rate you’ve set is reached, the order will automatically buy/sell at the rate chosen. Take Profit Orders allow you to reduce costs and improve profitability.

Stop Loss Orders


Stop Loss Orders, as suggested by their name, help limit your potential losses by setting a “Worst Case” lowest exchange rate at which you are prepared to buy/sell your currency.

This solution when combined with a Take Profit Order, is known as an “OCO” (One Cancels Other), allowing you to maximize upside potential while eliminating downside risk beyond your lowest (worst case) exchange rate.

Risk Management

When it comes to mitigating risk, experience is everything.


With over 100 combined years of experience we understand risk.

Payments International specialists have successfully dealt with every shakeup in the currency market – the falling dollar, the global financial crisis, trade uncertainty, soaring oil prices and political upheaval.


We have developed risk management solutions designed to stabilize your cash flows and protect budgeted rates even in highly volatile environments.


Our dedicated FX specialists will work with you to define your unique risks, develop solutions specific to your needs, and tailor a strategy to manage your risk.  Once your strategy is in place, we monitor the global market as we continue to review your unique situation and your relationship manager will offer suggestions to react quickly and effectively to get you the best returns.


We are committed to ensuring you understand all risk reduction options available and that you are comfortable with any solution we recommend.

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Currency Pairs

Our comprehensive list of currencies can be traded both online and by calling your relationship manager.


Mercury Online Platform

Our intuitive online foreign exchange and global payments platform that will exceed your expectations.


We are compliant with the highest level of security standards for financial information and continually enhance our processes and systems.