Foreign Exchange Solutions

Mercury is our intuitive online foreign exchange and global payments platform that will exceed your expectations.

Mercury Online Trading

Mercury is our secure online trading solution, which is available anytime, anywhere. We’ve worked hard to ensure our platform is intuitive and easy to use so you can manage your FX online and always save money with our competitive market rates.


Your dedicated relationship manager is always available to assist you with a demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

Mercury has a number of unique capabilities to suit your payment and FX needs:

Multi-factor authentication for additional login security

Multi-approval customize your payment workload workflow

Notifications enable email notifications based on defined actions

Easy uploads capability for mass payments, including international payments in multiple currencies

View all previous trades and payments, setting specific search criteria to find data quickly for complete auditing capability

Multi-currency balances, allow you to hold multiple currencies in your virtual bank accounts and access balance information easily

You can pre-fund, convert, and pay out using balances, speeding up the delivery of funds to your beneficiary bank account

  • Payment tracking – track your payments, and review status notifications
  • Reconciliation – reconcile your payments and conversions
  • Transaction reporting – see transaction history and status reports
  • Reference Data – provides clear reference data to ensure easy beneficial validation by the receiving bank.
  • Facilitate complex money movement; make payments and conversions in bulk, and transfer money between Payments International accounts.
  • Schedule payments with confidence to over 200 countries via SWIFT or ACH.
  • Access to 38 currencies means we’ve got you covered in all major markets.
  • Choose your speed: standard (ACH) or priority (International Wire), for online payments delivered on your designated date.

Mass payments… a few clicks away

Easily pay domestic and international vendors, contractors, partners and other payees using a simple secure file upload

Save time and simplify upload up to 5,000 payments by bundling into one transaction.

Funds are sent to beneficial bank with full value

Watch our Mass Payments Demo:

Secure from start to finish

Your money is always safe on its journey, with world-class security approved by regulators and tier 1 banking partners around the world.

Multi-Approval / Customized Workflow

  • Multi-Level Authorization functionality provides the ability to create payments and conversions that will only be executed after a pre-specified number of Authorizations have been provided.
  • Our selection of secure file upload solutions can help you process bulk payments in one simple step. Automating all payment types into a single integrated file format native to your own system reduces error, gives you better control of your funds, and saves you money.
  • We pass remittance advice to help your suppliers reconcile payment.
  • End-to-end tracking allows you to confirm when a payment has been completed, or find where it is anywhere in the payment chain.


We offer customizable and cost-effective foreign exchange solutions to businesses of all sizes across North America and Europe.

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Currency Pairs

Learn more about our comprehensive list of currencies that can be traded both online and by calling your relationship manager.


We are compliant with the highest level of security standards for financial information and continually enhance our processes and systems.