Tuesday June 11th, 2019

US$ is holding firm at 10 week lows. The prospect of a possible Fed ease in July is mounting, but the short term focus remains the G20 meeting. Cautious optimism is growing that China/US could find a compromise when the two countries meet at the G20 this month.


US$ slightly weaker overnight as oil prices firmed on signals Russia may support extended supply cut with OPEC. Continued threats of tariffs on Mexico has somewhat stalled C$ strength. The prospect of a test of US$ lows of February remains in place under the current conditions.


Euro saw equities firmer lead by automakers buoyed by US abstaining from tariffs with Mexico. Political concerns remain in the EU which has limited the upside of EUR and keep investors on the sidelines.


Rivals to be the successor to PM May are down to 10, but all seem split on Brexit exit deadline. GBP was firmer overnight, but this is more on US$ weakness vs GBP confidence.