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Payments International Inc. specializes in global foreign exchange and international payments through our partnership with Currency Cloud Limited. Our team has over 100 years of combined financial services experience and we pride ourselves on the personalized service we provide our clients. Solutions provided to businesses include a full range of currency accounts, risk management tools, as well as payment & collections capabilities through either local or SWIFT solutions.

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US Business Accounts  
Direct Debit

Through our partnership with The Currency Cloud Limited we offer our US based clients the ability to directly debit their US$ account without the need to ever leave your home or business.

How it works

It is a simple as 1-2-3 to set up!

  • Provide the banking details of your account you wish to debit
  • Give permission to direct Debit your account
  • Through your online account you simply debit the required funds to cover your payment and your online account is automatically funded.
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Debit accounts

Global Payments

Through our partnership with Currency Cloud, make payments to over 180+ countries, quickly and securely in one of 30+ currencies of your choice.

Extensive Capabilities

Pay suppliers, employees, or business partners all over the world in 100+ currencies.

Global & Local

Through our partnership with Currency Cloud Limited, we provide both cross-border and domestic payment capabilities.

Fast & Reliable

Have confidence your payments will arrive on time, with most currencies arriving on the same day.

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Global payments

One Click Mass Payments

Create a Multi-currency File

Multi-currency payment file with all your payments & beneficiaries

Upload your file

Through the online platform powered by The Currency Cloud Limited.


Optional multiple sign-off levels for the payments to be sent

Payments Finalized

Exchange currencies, payments instructed, and statements will be accessible for easy reconciliation.

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One Click payments

Local Collection Accounts

Exporting your products overseas? Frustrated at incurring fees on your inbound funds? Are your clients slow to pay because they find it frustrating or expensive to send you money via SWIFT?

Through our partnership with The Currency Cloud Limited, we provide a fast, easy & secure way to collect your money in 4 currencies through local payment methods.


Simplify your operations by collecting money globally with The Currency Cloud's local collection capabilities, which removes the need for multiple bank accounts.

Easy & Secure

View the funds you’ve collected online, convert to your currency of choice, then make payments quickly and securely.

Customer Satisfaction

Gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction by pricing and accepting payments in your client’s local currency. Get in-country account details in your name and collect locally.


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Local Collections

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Offering a range of risk management tools to support your risk management strategy through our partnership with The Currency Cloud.


The ability to lock in a currency rate Same day / next day pricing.

Forward Contracts

The ability lock in a currency rate up to 1 year in advance.

Why use a Forward Contract

Clients can utilize forward contracts as a means to hedge a known payment in the future against any adverse foreign exchange price volatility.

Keep informed with the latest market news that may impact your currency requirements.

The Morning Update
Risk management

Online Portal

Simplify your currency and payment needs centralized on one platform.

  • Make & Receive payments to over 180+ countries.
  • Convert to 30+ currencies.
  • Receive local payments in USD, CAD, EUR & GBP.
  • View balances & easy access to statements.
  • Multi-level security from sign-in to users.
  • 24/7 access to the platform.
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Online portal

Manage all your money in one place online

24/7 access to your online platform, so you can manage all your international finances from
any device at any time.

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